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Doors and flooring

October 10, 2021 | reading time 1 minute.

Once I picked the color scheme for the house it has been a pretty straight forward process of combining the perfect interior materials. Don't get me wrong. Deciding for the design you want is a tedious process with way to many caveats, but at the end of the day it is one of those things that really gets my day going.

Lately my mind has been occupied with flooring and just up to recently the door frames came into play too. I know the current doorframes need some heart warming love but I've kind of put the thought of it aside of concern for the amount of work it would take to replace them. Then I saw a clip on Youtube that described how to mount a door frame on your own and now I believe it's pretty manable even for me. So... I've been adding door frames to my plans and that has really flipped the entire process. I don't think I could live a second with those old door frames and definitely not with those worn out doors that are currently ornated with striped wallpapers.

I will install hard wood floors in all rooms except the bedroom where I will lay a carpet. I don't really like carpets, but since it's in the bedroom and you never walk with your shoes on it I think it would complete the warm appearance of the bedroom. As for the doors I'm going for that classic look with paneled finish. The frames are plain and simple. White with a wooden doorstep. It will complement the wainscoting in the hallway which I will dedicate an entire post for in the future.

Next up is the interior design. Hang on - I think you will like it.

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