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New beginnings

September 27, 2021 | reading time 1 minute.

I've been running this domain for well over 13 years by now and it's contents and focus have changed multiple times over the years. Now it's time for just another of those changes and though I really shouldn't say it out loud I believe there's a good chance this will be one of the last changes.

I am a creative soul and I've mainly used this domain to show off whatever I've turned that creativeness into whether it's been about programming or digital art. As often as I change focus on my creativeness I also bore myself with it--running my interest to a dead halt just because I overdo whatever I find interesting enough to engage in. One thing though that never seem to bore me is interiors and makeovers. Yep--you read it. Interiors and makeovers. So this will be my new focus for this domain.

Since I moved to Stockholm in 2012 I've been moving around--exclusively in the southern parts of the region. I've lived in apartments, a townhouse and most recently in a villa. Now it's time to do that movement once again. This time on my own.

I have nailed down a location for my new home with an initial payment but the final contracts are yet to be signed before I can call it all mine. Until then I won't reveal details about it. I will however share my plans for this new home in the upcoming months until December when I get to hold the keys to my new home for the very first time.

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