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Picking the right color scheme and setting priorities

October 3, 2021 | reading time 3 minutes.

I must admit I'm somewhat obsessed with house makeovers and interiors. I've scanned Pinterest and Youtube these past weeks in hunt for inspiration on everything and anything from colors to materials as part of my plans for the inevitable makeover of the house. The house is from the early forties and though it has seen its share deal of love from its previous owners it needs some new love and modernization.

The interior has been carefully updated over the years. None of the previous owners however have made a bold change to the interior, which I know intend to do. Don't get me wrong. This house is almost 80 years old and should at some extent be preserved as such. But it won't prevent me from modernizing whatever can be modernized. Let's begin with what should be preserved. The fireplace for instance. It's in a way one of the few authentical things that really reminds us of the age of the house. It's also a reminder of a period in time when people, despite sacrifices made as a price of war, managed to dig themselves out of poverty and despair to build themselves a home to live in. It also serves as a reminder of how the swedish way of living survived the horrors of a raging war and rebuild an entire society to thrive and develop. To me it's all about honoring generations before me that gave me the opportunity to buy this house and manage the legacy of it.

But then again--times change and so do the people that occupy this house. The house has survived decades of transformations and need to be updated to the ways of the twentieth century. That means modernizing the interior colors, the interior architecture and materials. It means updating the house technologies to modern standards. Adding smart home features to control the house is part of that transformation.

As for any makeover priorities are of the essence and much of my time spent on planning has been about setting these priorities. I've tried to sort it in a short and manageable to-do list. The order of this list is absolutely crucial the stay both on budget and within the time frame.

  • Interior makeovers
  • Windows and front door replacements
  • New heating setup

This might not seem as a big list but given the tight time frame of two months--or more like one month and a half before the windows are framed--from December when I recieve the keys until February when I can move in, and given I can only spend weeknights after work and weekends to do all the work I'd say the list is more than enough to give me the headaches.

I'll adress this list in the upcoming posts but let's start with the first and foremost: interior makeovers. This includes the replacement of almost all interior colors. I've visited the DIY store Bauhaus on numerous occasions to pick the right color scheme and I've finally decided on two colors that I will use and a third color that I'm keeping as a wildcard if I ever change my mind during the process. These colors comes from Beckers--a swedish color trademark that has been around for 150 years. They are called "Supernova 773" and "Silverpil 732". The dark "Supernova 773" will be painted in the study and the media room while "Silverpil 732" will be painted in the bedroom and the living room / dining room. The hallways including the stairways will be painted in a bright white color. The hallway of the ground floor will be fitted with a white wainscot and a white wallpaper with shimmering medallions. The moodboard above gives you a hint of what I am aiming at.

That's about it for the color schemes. In the next post I'll be adding more to the interior plans such as new doors and flooring. So stick around.

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